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You may use this list to maintain your monthly backup pull list. This way in the event you don’t submit your weekly pull list we will use this backup list to reserve your new weekly items. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on your monthly issues anymore.  As always you will have up to 21 days to pickup your items at up to 25% off the cover price. 

*Please note that discount does not apply to variants, trade paperbacks, comic book supplies, other comic book merchandise, and our back issue bins.


Unregistered/New Subscribers



You may use this form to create your pull file, but you MUST COME IN TO THE STORE AND VERIFY who you are in order to activate your subscription.


Once your subscription is activate d, any books that are part of your list or added in the future, we will start pulling them for your file starting with the next issue that is released. We do not go back and fill in back issues. 

Please do NOT request back issues when submitting your subscription list. All back issue requests, questions, etc. will be taken care of when you come in to the shop.

NOTE: Incentive variants, such as 1:25, 1:50, etc. CANNOT be subscribed to. Each week available variants will be filled first come first serve from our weekly pull list page. List goes up each week for the following week by 10AM. 

NOTE: The list has been updated for new releases up to May 2018.  If there are any titles you are interested in, that are not listed, write them in at the bottom of the page. Please make sure to add low print independent titles at least a month before their release date. This is in order for us to have time to order the book.

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